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  1. Blue May Become Red-Hot in the New Year

    Many paint companies have chosen a variation of this universal color as their pick for the 2024 Color of the Year.
  2. 3 Trends for Upgrading Kitchens, Baths, Storage

    These are the improvement projects homeowners are prioritizing around the house.
  3. Hot Home Trend: Stainless Steel Kitchens

    Google searches are surging for shiny, silvery kitchen accents—and not just appliances.
  4. Homeowners’ Fall To-Do Lists Are Getting Long

    This winter is forecasted to be harsh for many areas of the country. Here’s how homeowners are getting their properties ready.
  5. The 60-30-10 Way to Add Color Without Going Overboard

    There’s a formula that can help guide you in bringing more color to warm up a space, while also staying cohesive.
  6. Say Goodbye to ‘Millennial Gray’

    And say hello to all things colorful. Here’s how to spice up those sad and drab interiors.
    Evelyn Long
  7. 4 Trending Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

    Accent the kitchen counters by dressing up what you put behind them.
  8. Hot Home Trend: Black Window Trim

    Especially on light-colored exteriors and interiors, a black trim creates an eye-catching contrast.
  9. Staging From Blank Slate to ‘Home, Sweet Home’

    An empty home can feel cold and unwelcoming. See how a few furnishings and accessories can make all the difference.
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