Helpful Articles for Buyers & Sellers

  1. Renovated to Sell: Inside a Home Makeover That Paid Off

    A six-figure price tag for a renovation allowed this home to push into the million-dollar mark at resale.
  2. Beat All-White Kitchen Blahs With Colorful Options

    Whether channeling a more nature or coastal vibe, more renovators are using color in the hopes that their kitchens leave a more lasting impression.
  3. Hot Outdoor Trend: ‘Clover Lawns’

    Yards covered with shamrocks—a hardy, drought-resistant alternative to grass—have become the most searched home improvement trend online.
  4. Cold Interiors Get Infused With More Warmth, Texture

    One remodeling firm says more customers are looking to liven up predominantly white and gray rooms.
  5. Study: Staging Paramount as Homes Begin to Linger

    Properties aren’t selling as quickly as they did just a year ago, making prelisting prep all the more important, NAR report finds.
  6. Wood Flooring: Light or Dark?

    Light or dark? Find out three top picks for a home’s floors.
  7. 5 Most Popular Colors for a Home’s Exterior

    Homeowners aim to lighten up their home’s look on the outside, a new survey finds.
  8. Backyard Pools Are Getting Downsized With Modern Twists

    Find out the hottest trends with swimming pools, what has emerged as a coveted backyard amenity.
  9. Homes Are Channeling Biophilic Vibes

    Learn what Biophilic design is and why it’s become such a buzzword in home design over recent years.
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