Helpful Articles for Buyers & Sellers

  1. Top Home Features Swaying Buyers’ Purchase Decisions

    A new study suggests touting these property upgrades in your listing description to achieve a quicker sale.
  2. 6 Common Furniture Mistakes to Avoid

    An interior designer shares the biggest errors young people make when outfitting a home for the first time.
  3. Generative AI Is Your Ally for Smart Staging, Selling

    Real estate professionals can use content sponsor AI HomeDesign to lower the costs and effort it takes to stage properties.
    Salar Davari
  4. Smart-Home Tech Can Achieve ‘Toothbrush-Ready’ Status

    Home buyers are demanding more than just a “designer ready” home, but one that’s “toothbrush ready” too.
  5. Projects Homeowners Are Eyeing for DIY Renovations

    Find out what kinds of home improvement endeavors consumers are researching online.
  6. Don’t Overlook the Driveway to Enhance Curb Appeal

    Rather than pavers and plantings, you can accentuate the driveway with stain colors that complement the house.
  7. Paint Firms Choose ‘Stain Exterior Colors of the Year’

    Find some color inspiration for decks, front doors, siding and more.
  8. Showcase Your Eye for Design With a .realestate Domain

    In a field where bold and creative designs are make-or-break factors in closings, shouldn’t your website reflect your unique aesthetic?
  9. When You Shouldn’t Ignore the Cracks in the Wall

    Not all cracks are the same. Learn how to separate minor cosmetic imperfections from more significant structural problems.
  10. ‘Entangled’ Landscapes Soften Outdoor Design

    Landscape architects are moving away from straight edges and borders, incorporating more plants and hardscape elements.
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